Shopping time : Fabrics and Garments

I always love shopping with my mom. We can spend more than couple hours of shopping. Last week, we spent 3-4 hours in Cipadu, Tangerang. Cipadu is a traditional market not too far away from BSD City. It is actually a market which only sells fabrics and garments. The most important is that the market offers cheaper price than in Bogor. I went there with my mom’s colleagues. They had their own business to buy hundred of meters fabrics for their students. And me? Hehehe…I was just hanging around looking for some cute and nice fabrics.


The fabrics, garments, brocade, ribbons always make me excited. They seem to encourage me to be creative, to make something nice to wear. I also like the feel the way the stores arrange their stuff. And I probably as freak as the shopkeeper or the owner in making their stuff tidy. 😀


So I went around, in and out from store to store. “It wasn’t a good season”, my mom said. Yeah mom, too bad I didn’t find many nice patterns, except the “brokat”. Or It’s just my personal taste. I onIy saw a glimpse of nice pattern, at least one in the corner. Not fell too disappointed, I chose some garments for my next loose trousers, a brown, a blue, and a khaki. They cost 35.000 – 40.000 rupiah for one pair of trouser, for me it was 1,75 meters for each trouser.

trousers fabrics

I didn’t expect any surprise here. But, since my mom and her colleagues bought huge meters of garments, the owner allowed us to pick any fabric that we want. Whooaaa….!!! Not only one, but two! The other owner next door did too. Yeah, I got two for free 😀  I chose a broken white one with a little brown polkadot pattern. A simple one for a bow tie or  frills blouse.

brown polkadot

And this one. A small handwriting print. Remind to a punishment that an elementary students used to do when they were naughty is class, hehe. I thought this one was unique for another top or blouse.

handwriting prints

My next purchase was the lovely floral print fabric. It was only 15.000 rupiah per meters! This was a match for a maxy dress, of course!

floral prints

Now it’s time for sketching and let my tailor do the rest! 😀


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